The World Bank’s Procuring Infrastructure PPPs is an annual survey report which aims to leverage positive policy change and to enhance transparency and efficiency of PPP transactions in different countries, including Vietnam. Procuring Infrastructure PPPs 2018 has highlighted the main prospects of PPP reform through a case study with different scenarios to provide investors with a comprehensive view on notable PPP matters.


Kent Wong, a partner and head of banking and finance at VCI Legal, was invited to provide expert opinions for the survey and to evaluate the framework of PPPs in Vietnam, especially with respect to recent legislative amendments. In the research, readers can also find analysis of current proposals to amend Decree 15 which will significantly affect PPP projects in Vietnam.

This survey helps foreign investors to minimize legal risks and assess the state of Vietnam’s regulatory frameworks, when bidding on PPP projects. By participating in this research project, VCI Legal has supported and contributed to the development of Vietnam’s legal system in relation to PPP projects.