The Ministry of Transport of Vietnam has issued a new circular guiding the implementation of Decree 116 on inspection of technical safety and environmental protection for imported vehicles (“Circular 03”). Circular 03 will come on to effect on March 1, 2018.

Accordingly, Circular 03 provides detailed guidance on (1) Regulations on the contents of examination and testing of imported cars; and (2) Regulations on automobile recalls. Specific contents are as follows:

(1) Regulations on the contents of examination and testing of imported cars

For used imported cars, the quality of technical safety and environmental protection must be checked for each vehicle according to regulations.

For unused cars, they must be inspected by the quality management agency according to regulations for each shipment. Automobiles representing each type of imported car must be inspected, tested for emissions standards, quality and technical safety. Accordingly, the inspecting body shall randomly take one model vehicle representing each type of automobile in the shipment so that the importing enterprise can take the vehicle to the testing facilities. The test results are the basis for the competent authorities to issue a certificate of quality for each batch.

(2) Regulations on automobile recalls

Specific contents include (1) Automobile recalled by the manufacturer; and (2) Automobile recalled at the request of the inspection body. The inspection agency’s request for recall is made on the basis of concrete evidence, the results of verification of information on technical safety and environmental protection of imported cars.

In case of automobiles that have been marketed with a technical error that must be recalled, the importer must be responsible for the product. Further, the importing enterprise must notify in written form to the selling agent requiring them not to sell automobiles that are not yet fixed within five (5) working days from the date of receipt of the recall notice from the manufacturer or inspection agency.

Imported cars shall be entitled to be inspected and be granted the certificate of quality regulated in Circular No. 31/2011 / BGTVT and Circular No. 55/2014 / TT-BGTVT if thetime of declaration of the imported goods or goods arriving at ports/border gates of Vietnam is before January 1, 2018.

The inspection of the quality of imported cars imported into Vietnam from January 1, 2015 until the effective date of Circular 03 shall comply with the provisions of the Decree 116, regulated in Circular 31 and Circular No. 55 more information, please refer link


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