Trade protection alert: Canada imposing safeguards on steel import, including concrete reinforcing bar originating in and imported from Vietnam

On 11 October 2018, Canada announced provisional safeguard measures of 25% on seven steel products: heavy plate, concrete reinforcing bar, energy tubular products, hot-rolled sheet, pre-painted steel, stainless steel wire, and wire rod commencing on 25 October 2018.  These provisional safeguard measures will not apply to goods originating in and imported from developing countries subject to one exception: concrete reinforcing bar originating in and imported from Vietnam are not exempt. As this is the only exception among goods from developing countries, a strict scrutiny of imports of the Vietnamese concrete reinforcing bar might take place.

A Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) is launched to determine whether final safeguards are warranted. Each person or government wishing to make submissions to the CITT must file a Notice of Participation before 29 October 2018.

During the provisional period, Canadian importers will have to request shipment-specific import permits. Goods for which an importer obtained a specific permit are exempt from the safeguard surtax of 25%. Imports of goods that do not have a specific permit, or are in excess of the quantity of an import permit, are subject to the safeguard surtax. The CITT’s Notice of Commencement of Safeguard Inquiry is enclosed for reference.

As a full service business law firm with experience in advising multinational and local companies in Vietnam in anti-dumping, trade remedies and competition law, VCI Legal is cooperating with DS Lawyers Canada, a global law firm headquartered in Paris with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, having  extensive international trade practice.

Once retained, VCI Legal and DS Lawyers Canada will be pleased to assist Vietnam steel exporters in any trade protection matter. Our services may include but not limited to:

  • developing an overall strategy to deal with the investigation, preparing position papers and filling in the information and questionnaires; and
  • representing and acting on Vietnam exporters’ behalf in cooperation with our affiliated offices in Canada to liaise with Canadian government offices to resolve this matter.

We believe that we are able to provide a wide range of legal services to protect Vietnam exporters’ interest in international trading context. Please do not hesitate to contact us if any further clarification is needed.


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