Electricity Vietnam (EVN) has said that their electricity business in 2017 suffered VND 2,219 billion in losses.

In response to this statement, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has issued 4 options to consider the electricity price in 2019.

Specifically, according to Mr. Do Thang Hai, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, the MOIT issued four options that apply to

  • high load growth;
  • normal load growth;
  • amount of water flowing to hydropower is normal;
  • amount of water flowing to hydropower is less than the average years before.

According to EVN, there is enough electricity for 2019, but sometimes, it must use resources from coal-fired power plants or oil DO, FO.

As using high priced oil and coal prices for electricity production increases, this leads to a rise in electricity prices and is challenging the price of electricity to be sold in 2019.

Accordingly, after EVN creates plans, the MOIT will work with the Ministry of Finance, the General Statistics Office and the Department of Price Management on the electricity price adjustment plan. On that basis, the MOIT will review the plan to report to the Government, which is expected to be submitted in December 2018.

According to calculations, the MOIT has affirmed that all 4 options show that the system ensures to provide electricity for socio-economic development, production and business, and the people’s demand.


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