Decree No. 15/2019/ND-CP defining conditions regarding setting up foreign-invested vocational training institutions in Vietnam will come into effect on March 20, 2019.

Accordingly, a vocational education institution is established or permitted for establishment if there is a project complying with planning for networks of vocational education institutions and is granted an Investment Registration Certificate.

The investor also must ensure at least 1,000 m² of land to construct a vocational training center; 10,000 m² to construct a vocational secondary level training school in urban areas and 20,000 m² if the school is located outside urban areas; to construct college level vocational training schools, the investor must obtain 20,000 m² if within urban areas and 40,000 m² if outside urban areas.

An investment project to establish a vocational training center must have investment capital of at least VND 5 billion; while the minimum investment capital to set up a vocational secondary level training school is VND 50 billion and for college level vocational training schools, the capital must be at least VND 100 billion.

In addition, a vocational training program must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Clarify the training objectives for elementary-level, intermediate-level, or college-level; introduce regulations on knowledge and skills of the graduates; scope and structure of curriculum, methods and types of training; methods of accreditation of learning outcomes applied to every module, course credit, subject, major, or vocation and level;
  2. Ensure a scientific, modern, systematic, practical, and flexible program to adapt to the variation in the labor market; reasonably arrange the duration of body of knowledge and professional skills; ensure the connectivity in the national education system;
  3. Update and periodically supplement the program in conformity with technology in production, businesses and services;
  4. Does not contain content that might threaten national defense and security or public interest, propagate religious ideologies or present warped views of Vietnam’s history or cause negative influences on Vietnamese morals, culture and customs.

In a vocational education institution, compulsory subjects for Vietnamese students shall comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.


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