On May 7, 2019, the Government of Vietnam issued Decree No.37/2019/ND-CP, guiding the implementation of the Law on Planning.

Kent Wong, vice-chairman of EuroCham’s Legal Sector Committee and partner at VCI Legal, was invited to deliver his expert opinions about the benefits which the new Decree and Law on Planning in Vietnam would bring to the business community. His interview was published in Vietnam Investment Review on 29 May 2019. During the interview, he concentrated on answering 3 questions:

  1. How important is the issuance of this Decree to EU businesses in Vietnam?
  2. What benefits will EU businesses enjoy from the law’s new approach of market-based orientation?
  3. Do European businesses meet any difficulties related to planning issues in cities and provinces across the country?

Decree 37 is considered an effective tool to apply to the Law on Planning to solve some of the issues which cannot be addressed by the existing law alone, due to the lack of guiding legal provisions.

The new Decree and Law on Planning are expected to resolve some sticky issues on planning, foreign businesses, especially EU ones, which are still facing a number of challenges in the development of their projects.  By outlining the strong and weak points of the new regulation, Kent Wong and the VCI Legal team are fulfilling their commitment to contribute in developing the legal framework and ease of business for foreign business in Vietnam.

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