Vietnam has been named in the top 10 countries for expatriate workers, according to HSBC’s Expat 2019 Global Report which was released on July 4, 2019.  It is the first time Vietnam was mentioned among the top 10 best countries for foreigners living and working worldwide.

The report is analyzed based on three factors, including quality of life, personal expectations and good places for foreign families.

With many years of experience working with foreign expatriates, VCI Legal’s Managing Partner, Mr. Phung Anh Tuan was asked by Tuoi Tre for his viewpoint.

Mr. Phung Anh Tuan: I did not have the opportunity to read the details, but I think the HSBC report must be made from research and real life experiences of “expats – international experts” who have been staying and working in Vietnam.

In fact, in my opinion, the fact that Vietnam has been chosen by foreign experts as one of the top 10 places to live is not strange. Because they will get more benefits such as housing allowance, travel cost and education fees for their children which they would not be entitled to if they worked in their own country. One more benefit is that if they work and live in Vietnam, and get the same salary as working in developed countries, they will have a more comfortable lifestyle because of the low cost of living.

Regarding lifestyle, because of regularly consulting and working with many foreigners in Vietnam, I find that most foreigners are really satisfied, happy and comfortable with their lives here.

With such remuneration, this is truly a paradise for foreigners, while the cost of living is quite low.

Meanwhile, the legal system, the recent stability of the economy has also helped Vietnam become friendly and safe for many foreigners, so they trust and choose to live, work here long term.

If foreigners who work in Vietnam are experts, senior personnel such as CEO, CFO of international groups, multinational companies, etc., recent job opportunities have expanded to many levels, so more and more young foreigners come to Vietnam.

It is understandable for Vietnam to become a bright destination for foreign investment. However, the most important thing is the friendliness and open-mindedness of the Vietnamese people. While the trend of “nationalism” is rising, some countries are becoming more conservative, while the Vietnamese people still remain a friendly and hospitable culture and still have their own national identity.

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