On 7th June 2019, in order to detail and guide the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment[1] as well as meet State Management requirements, the Government of Vietnam promulgated new Decree No. 50/2019/ND-CP (“Decree 50”) on medical examination and treatment in the army. The main regulations include the issuance of practice certificates for practitioners and operating licenses for establishments.

Under Decree 50, a practitioner for medical examination and treatment in the army must meet the following professional requirements:

a. Qualifications suitable for the practice scope in the application for the practice certificate:

  • A medical degree;
  • A bachelor’s degree in medicine issued by a foreign authority and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Trainingto be equal to a university degree enclosed with the certificate of completion of an additional professional course which lasts at least 12 months and lawfully held by a Vietnamese training institution according to regulations of the Ministry of Health (“MOH”). The combination of such documents is equal to a medical certificate; then the holder shall be issued with a practice certificate with doctor’s title;
  • A bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology or pharmacy of university level enclosed with a certificate of completion of a medical training in testing which lasts at least 3 months or a certificate of post-graduated education in testing;
  • A certificate of traditional medicine practitioneror a certificate of herbal remedies or treatment methods issued by the MOH or the Department of Health.

b. Qualifications of resident physician, Level I medical specialist, Level II medical specialist, excluding traditional medicine practitioners or owner of herbal remedies or treatment methods.

An applicant for issuance of a practice certificate shall send an application set to the Department of Military Medicine (“DMM”) under the Ministry of National Defense (“MND”). The process can take up to 35 days.

As for the general requirements for the issuance of operating licenses for establishments, Decree 50 provides four criteria, including facilities, medical equipment, human resources and practice scope. Regarding the criteria on practice scope, a healthcare establishment has the right to propose their practice scope. However, the proposal must be on the basis of the professional and technical list issued by the MND. Other criteria are under management by the MOH.

An applicant for issuance of an operating license for establishment shall also send an application set to the DMM under the MND. The process can take up to 50 days.

Decree No. 50/2019/ND-CP took effect on July 24, 2019.

[1] Law on Medical Examination and Treatment No. 40/2009/QH12


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