As the complicated effects of Covid-19 escalate on the economy in general and the stock market in particular, attorney Phung Anh Tuan, Vice President and General Secretary of Vietnam Association of Financial Investors (VAFI), has shared his remarkable opinions with the e-newspaper of Securities Investment on the changes and difficulties in Vietnam.

The Covid-19 epidemic is causing many difficulties to the stock market and negative impacts on the investors. If these difficulties are continued, the investors and the stock market will suffer various serious consequences. One of them is that some investors may leave the market, which would bring negative impact on the stock market.

According to Mr. Phung, in order to limit the situation, the investors should be supported. There are many solutions proposed and applied in some securities companies and in the government’s policies.

For VAFI, Mr. Phung said that VAFI plans to propose the Government to request the National Assembly to reconsider the tax policies for the securities investors such as reduction or exemption of tax temporarily to create a motivation to recover the market in 2020.

In Mr. Phung’s opinion, that could help the investors to lower the damages and encourage them to participate in the market. It is the only temporary solution to reduce the pressure off the investors now.

However, Mr. Phung affirmed that the most important solution now is to keep effectively preventing the Covid-19 epidemic, which helps the stock market recover sooner.

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