Customs Procedures: Circular No. 36/2011/TT-BTC1

Circular No. 36/2011/TT-BTC dated 16 March 2011 of the Ministry of Finance stipulates the customs procedure for imported and exported goods and goods in transit via overland express delivery services2 (“Circular 36”).

Circular 36 stipulates:

Road lines and border gates for goods transports.
Nominated Customs locations for:


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Custom Procedures and Implementation of Circular No. 194/2010/TT-BTC : Official Letter No. 284/TCHQ-GSQL

Official Letter No. 824/TCHQ-GSQL dated 28 February 2011 of the General Department of Customs concerns the implementation of Circular No. 194/TT-BTC (“OL 284”).

According to OL 284:

For goods which are temporarily exported to be repaired or maintained in a foreign state and then re-imported into Vietnam:

If there is no contract or if the contract does […]

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Customs: Circular No. 194/2010/TT-BTC

Circular No. 194/2010/TT-BTC guides the implementation of customs procedures, custom control and import and export tax management (“Circular 194”).

This circular gives a synthetic guidance on the customs professions regarding the goods, transport means for import and export, immigration, transit based on the actual regulations to create advantages for the imports and exports.

Most importantly, […]

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Customs Valuation: Circular No. 205/2010/TT-BTC

Circular No. 205/2010/TT-BTC concerns the determination of customs valuation for imports and exports (“Circular 205”) . Circular 205 both provides detailed instructions on customs valuation and collection and clarifies the rights and obligations of both the declaring enterprise and the customs authorities.

According Circular 205, the dutiable value of exports is the selling price at the […]

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Customs Duties Exemptions: Prime Minster’s Decision No. 78/2010/QD-TTg

The Prime Minister’s Decision No. 78/2010/QD-TTg dated 30th November 2010 stipulates that from 1st February 2011 onwards, goods imported by courier valued at 1.000.000 VND (one million dong) or less are exempt from import duties and value added tax. Goods imported by courier valued at over VND 1,000,000 (one million dong) are subject to regular […]

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Pilot Public Private Partnerships: Decision No. 71/2010/QD-TTg

Decision No. 71/2010/QD-TTg dated 9 November 2010 of the Prime Minister promulgates regulations to govern pilot public private partnerships (“PPP”) (“Decision 71”).

Decision 71 shall come into effect on 15 January 2011.

Decision 71 permits pilot PPPs in 9 sectors

Roads, road bridges, tunnels and ferries for road traffic;
Railway, railway bridges and tunnels;
Urban transportation;
Airports, […]

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Customs Fees: Circular No. 172/2010/TT-BTC

Circular No. 172/2010/TT-BTC dated 2 November 2010 of the Ministry of Finance provides guidance on rates and collection, remittance, administration and use of Customs fees (“Circular 172”).

Circular 172 comes into effect on 1 January 2011 and replaces Circular No. 43/2009/TT-BTC dated 9 March 2009.

Goods provided as humanitarian aid or non-refundable aid; gifts for state agencies, […]

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The guidelines of VAT on International Transports

Following the petition of the Vietnam Transit Sheds and Tax Departments for the guidelines of VAT on International Transport, The Ministry of Finance issued Official Letter (“OL”) No. 3055/BTC-TCT (“3055”) on 15/03/2010 to replace the Official Letter No. 5448/BTC-TCT (“5448”) dated 02/11/2009 which caused many problems for logistic enterprises.

According to OL 5448, the Ministry […]

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New Regulations for BOT, BTO, and BT Contract Investment Forms

Changes to BOT Regulations

On 27 November 2009, the Government issued Decree 108/2009/ND-CP in order to clarify certain aspects of BOT, BTO, and BT Contracts for infrastructure and construction projects. Specifically, the Government has implemented the following measures in this regard:

Should the total investment capital reach 1,500 billion VND, the equity ratio shall […]

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